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Debuting at no. 1: Like a Virgin

In Thoughts by Tyson on January 5, 1985 at 6:13 pm

Mr. Tyson feels that this video lacks sufficient imagination.


No Compromise on Star Wars

In Thoughts by Tyson on January 4, 1985 at 12:33 am

Mr. Tyson notes the White House’s recent instruction to Secretary of State George P. Shultz not to negotiate with the Soviets on space-based missile defense. Mr. Tyson wonders whether this posture will have the effect of accelerating Soviet R&D at a time when they cannot afford it, thus hastening their downfall.

New area codes

In Thoughts by Tyson on January 2, 1985 at 2:21 pm

Mr. Tyson notes that as of the new year, New York has new area codes — 212 for Manhattan the Bronx, 718 for Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Mr. Tyson laments this further division of the city, though he has made peace with the inevitable march of progress.