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Goodbye, frontier

In Uncategorized on December 31, 1985 at 10:19 am

“In the old days, the days before the supermarket, before the dry cleaners, before the liquor store, before the descent of the Yuppies, Kathleen Gupta could hear crickets from her apartment window at the tip of lower Manhattan. Listening to the incessant chirping, a sound that seemed somehow misplaced at the edge of the concrete canyons of Wall Street, Mrs. Gupta and her neighbors in Gateway Plaza felt like the city’s last pioneers. It was not just the crickets. Getting to the normal amenities of a neighborhood, like the supermarket, required a subway token. Some called the trip across West Street, to the World Trade Center or the narrow streets of the financial district, ”going to the mainland.” The days of frontier living in lower Manhattan – only two years ago – are nearly gone now. At Gateway, the first outpost in the 92 acres of Battery Park City, there are now stores downstairs, and a restaurant is moving in. Mrs. Gupta heard her last cricket about a year ago.” From the New York Times, Dec. 31, 1984.


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