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Mike Tyson discusses the state of liberalism

In Thoughts by Tyson on October 10, 2011 at 3:15 am
Mike Tyson regrets that the thinking man has developed such an aversion to power that the words “liberal” and “pussy” have become synonymous. And while the stupid genuinely rely upon a few well-worn totems to short-circuit higher-level thought, what little advantage “liberals” might have gained by being able to think is undone by their failure to work together and finally herd the mastadons off the cliff. Liberals continue to get caught up in intellectual rabbit holes like “moral imperative(s),” “justice” and “human rights.” Which is not to say that the absence of morality will not lead to something akin to, say, another Nazi Germany, though one would hope that the next crop of Supermen would think of something more inspiring than racial superiority to justify their barbarism.

I have trouble rising

In Thoughts by Tyson on October 9, 2011 at 3:35 am

Mike Tyson has been having trouble getting up lately. This problem has been going on for several weeks. The problem is, upon waking, he begins taking stock of his enemies, real or imagined, and thinks about how to vanquish them. On a fundamental level this makes no sense. For example, he spend a good amount of time each morning thinking about how he would kill Hitler, what he would say to him before he died, etc. That Hitler is already dead, and that fantasizing about how to kill someone is probably unhealthy anyway, is immaterial to Mr. Tyson’s morning fantasy sessions. It is becoming problematic.