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Rich people buy more crap

In Thoughts by Tyson on December 31, 2011 at 11:38 am

Mike Tyson notes that while the rest of America frets about the recession, “contemporary art” commands ever-higher prices. According to Bloomberg News, Sotheby’s and Christie’s International sold $1.7 billion worth of art in 2011 — more than double what was sold in 2009. The piece below, by Gerhard Richter, sold for $20.8 million.

Abstraktes Bild (1997)

In November, someone paid $61.7 million for this piece by Clyfford Still — almost double the asking price.

1949-A-No. 1

Mr. Tyson will not comment upon the merits of the aforementioned pieces. Rather, he will presage future commentary by pointing out that paying $80 million for such paintings is, to put it mildly, totally fucking absurd.  Mr. Tyson is aware of the counterarguments, ranging from the subjectivity of “value” to the libertarian argument that the rich should feel free to burn their money, if they so choose.

Mr. Tyson believes that these arguments have no merit, and he will fight anyone who dares to challenge him. Mr. Tyson believes that hanging a $60 million painting on a wall is only worthwhile if the painting is worth $60 million, that the value of such paintings is arbitrarily set by a cabal of fabulously wealthy mink-coated heiresses, and that such arbitrary blessings serve no productive purpose in our society. Mr. Tyson is outraged. He will make the glitterati suffer his wrath.

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